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Bleetfoef House Rules

Upon entering a Bleetfoef event, you automatically agree to the terms outlined in this house policy.

Access and Consent:

  1. The organization reserves the right to deny entry or remove individuals from the event who do not comply with these terms and conditions.

  2. Upon entry, every visitor implicitly grants the organization the right to take photos and videos, which may be used and distributed on social media.

  3. A minimum age of 16 applies and visitors must be able to identify themselves at all times with a valid ID.

Safety and Inspection:

  1. Visitors may be subject to a search before entering the event.

  2. Smoking is not allowed in buildings and tents; it is only permitted in designated outdoor smoking areas.

Zero Tolerance Policy:

  1. There is a strict zero-tolerance policy for drugs and violence.

Entry Policy:

  1. It is not possible to leave the event location during the event. Once outside, a new ticket must be purchased to regain access to the event.

At Your Own Risk:

  1. Entering and attending the event is entirely at the visitor's own risk.


  1. The organization is not liable for any damage or injuries sustained by visitors and/or their belongings.

Equipment and Prohibited Items:

  1. It is prohibited to bring professional photo, film, and other recording equipment (audio and/or visual) without explicit prior consent from the organization.

  2. Likewise, the following items are prohibited: (alcoholic) beverages, food, deodorant, perfume, drugs, glassware, cans, fireworks, (fire)arms, or other illegal objects.

Contact and Questions:

  1. For further inquiries, please use the contact form on the 'Contact' tab.

  2. This house rules document serves as information for all event attendees and helps maintain a safe and enjoyable atmosphere. The organization reserves the right to modify or add to these rules as needed.

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