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We are a close-knit group of young creatives with an immense passion for music. A family with wild ideas and an insatiable desire for 'more.' We turn these incredible passions and untamed fantasies into reality by organizing electronic dance music (EDM) events.

Our challenge is to organize affordable, high-quality events targeting a broad, young, and alternative audience. With Bleetfoef, we bring young people together and provide them with a space to explore, connect, experience, and inspire. Bleetfoef is our unique way of igniting the many subcultures within our society.


Central to our events are the values of 'experience,' 'self,' and 'togetherness.' With Bleetfoef, we aim to create a movement where everyone can be their most outspoken self. As an organization, we fully understand how each of us is just a little bit different, how we are all unique, yet despite all our differences, we each form a part of the greater whole.

In the world of Bleetfoef, you as an individual are the focal point; everything revolves around you. We accept you as you are because, together, we make up the whole. Together, we are Bleetfoef.

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