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On Easter, the 17th of April 2022, we organized our very first indoor edition at De Loods in Mechelen. We welcomed around 750 visitors into the early hours of the morning. The central theme of the event was 'eruption,' symbolizing our first major breakthrough in the drum 'n' bass scene. The volcanic theme was woven throughout the event, both in the physical and digital aspects, including posters, flyers, stickers, social media posts, and the event's decoration. In collaboration with Flora Facto, we were able to create a volcano ourselves.

paus sint copy.jpg

In order for the event attendees to have a unique experience, we placed great emphasis on elements such as decoration, sound quality, lighting, and affordable drinks.


Through a diverse selection of artists, we were able to provide a wide range of musical styles. The lineup featured 3 international artists, 7 prominent national artists, and 16 emerging talents. Thanks to these artists, we were able to create an unforgettable night:


Our beautiful setup and decoration were made possible by Flora Facto. They ensured that we could seamlessly integrate the theme into the event concept. The production of lighting and sound was handled by our loyal partner SND Projects. The stage design was brought to life according to our vision, thanks to Nortle Projects.


We place great importance on providing the most affordable option while maintaining all high-quality aspects, allowing people to enjoy themselves. Delivering fantastic experiences is our top priority. That's why Bleetfoof largely relies on financial contributions from sponsors. In this way, we can offer low rates to our audience while ensuring that we cover our costs. Thanks to the following sponsors, we were able to make 'Bleetfoof Eruption' a success:


    Although it is difficult to fully convey this unique experience through images, we invite you to view the photos and videos below to get an impression of this extraordinary experience.

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